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Professionals with Impact is a show about
professionals that don't just have a job or
business in the market place but a mission
in life to make the world better whether it be
just their own back yard or for international
impact. On a "need to know" basis, everyone needs to
know when an outstanding individual stretches
to create a resource that enhances their
environment or the lives of others.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Professionals with Impact, Magdeline Jensen, CEO,

This interview was recorded live and archived at www.talkshoe.com on December 2, 2008. You can listen to the archived version at: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/tscmd/tc/33431 or on the Professionals with Impact on its Pittsburgh internet radio channel at: http://www.positivelypittsburghlivemagazine.com

Magdeline E. Jensen, CEO
YWCA Greater Pittsburgh

Magdeline E. Jensen is the Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh, a non-profit membership association whose mission is to eliminate racism and empower women. Founded in 1869, the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh currently operates 12 programs/services and five annual events, all of which are managed by more than 200 employees housed in four locations throughout Allegheny County.

Ms. Jensen, the first woman to be selected as the Chief Federal Probation Officer in Arizona, managed the $15 million operation of the U.S. Probation Office there for nine years before coming to the YWCA. Besides her extensive managerial, training and leadership ability, Ms. Jensen has hands-on experience in connecting people in need to community programs and resources. In fact, many of the programs that Ms. Jensen has encountered throughout her criminal justice career are similar to those that the YWCA offers today.

Ms. Jensen holds a Bachelor of Arts, Criminology, and a Master of Criminology from the University of California-Berkeley, California. Ms. Jensen has been a member of the Job Development and Educational Services Advisory Committee, U.S. Probation Office, in Pittsburgh since 2006, helping to provide counseling, education and job development to ex-offenders. She has lectured at American University and California State University, served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Thurgood Marshall Child Development Center in Washington, D.C., and has published several articles.

1960s –YWCA Greater Pittsburgh developed racial dialogue teams to help ease racial tensions
1970s –YWCA Greater Pittsburgh pioneered non-traditional employment programs for women by developing job opportunities in construction and the steel industry

1984 – YWCA Greater Pittsburgh introduced the Bridge Housing program, which was the first transitional housing program in the nation

1996 – YWCA Greater Pittsburgh opened and operated the first and only YWCA Center for Race Relations
1998 – YWCA Greater Pittsburgh opened the Homewood Brushton Center; largely built by women and African–American members of the Pittsburgh Black Construction Association

1999 – YWCA Greater Pittsburgh formed YW Homes, Inc., a non-profit subsidiary corporation with the purpose of creating desegregative affordable housing choices for low-income, single-parent families

2004 – YWCA Greater Pittsburgh Center for Race Relations received the Ebony and Ivory award for organizational excellence in the area of racial reconciliation; Office Of Advocacy was created

2005 - Homewood Brushton's Children and Youth Development and Education Program receives its STAR 4 Designation based on NAEYC accreditation, a national system that sets professional standards for early childcare education programs

2006 - YWCA Greater Pittsburgh Legal Resource for Women's Department launches its new program, the "100 Lawyer one case program". The program is designed to match 100 attorneys with impoverished women in need of legal services for custody, divorce and support cases

2007 - The YW Enterprising Women's Microenterprise Training and Microlending Program graduates 100 women from their 10-week training course since its 2006 inception

YW Means Business

• YWCA Wealth Development program: focuses on empowering women to build wealth by providing training, education, and resources necessary to increase income and purchase assets. The program includes seminars on investment and home ownership, post-secondary education, and business ownership. Program activities include financial literacy training, 1:1 matched savings accounts, micro-enterprise training, and micro-lending.
• YW Enterprising Women: A comprehensive training and technical assistance program for low and moderate-income women seeking to develop a micro-enterprise. The program includes business plan development, mentoring, peer support, micro-lending, and advanced business services. Approximately 150 women will be served in the second full year of the program and approximately 10 micro-loans will be distributed.
• The Family Savings Account program: The program provides matching funds to participants once they meet their savings goals. Savers have 1-3 years to save up to $2,000 for home ownership/repair, post-secondary education for self or child, or business start-up. YWCA actively promotes the program, conducts outreach presentations, engages in case management, and provides workshops for all of our savers.
• YWCA Financial Empowerment program: approximately 100 individuals per year participate in the YWCA Financial Empowerment Series – 4 financial literacy workshops throughout the year focus on setting financialgoals, developing a budget, understanding and improving credit,and avoiding predatory lenders.
mall businesses, retailers, and non-profit organizations together representing

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Women Leading this World

More women leading this world

You just received this mail because the person who sent it to you, values your opinion and vision for the future.

If an African American President can be elected in the US, then the question should be asked, how different can the world be if women globlly unite to reinvent the world economy from the ground up?

How can women gain more power and have their voices heard?

Women from all over the globe have been using Connected-Women.com to exchange views about the economic turbulence and uncertainty. Through the connected-wom en information forums, women have been sharing their insights and giving support. You are welcome to join the discussions, just click here!

Here are some questions for a thought.

Would you like to empower women to believe in themselves and let their voice be heard?
Would you like to send proactive and positive thoughts to women around the world?

What are you willing to do to contribute to our solutions in the world economy?
If your answer is YES or you have strong feelings about this information!

Please write your name on the bottom of the signatures, forward this e-mail to the people in your network.

Let's work together to make this world the place we want to live in!

1) Runa Magnusdottir – Iceland
2) Michelle Bonn – USA
3) Mary Schnack – USA
4) Lorin Beller Blake – USA
5) Heidi Öste – Sweden
6) Miriam Macherin, Luxemburg
7) Fazila Sciberras, Netherlands
8) Debbie Ducic, USA
9) Britta Linnemann, Germany
10) ElkeWunderlich, USA
11) Joanne Quinn-Smith, USA

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Professionals with Impact, International Women on the Economy

For Immediate Release,

Contact Information:
United States:

Joanne Quinn-Smith
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rúna Magnúsdóttir

Reykjavík, Iceland

International Women Getting Together for Conversation on Rebuilding the World Economy
(On the Wings of Historic Election in the U.S., Women are Prepared to Help Re-energize the World Economy)

Reykjavík, Iceland; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, November, 2008 On the wings of an historic election in the United States, if an African American President can be elected in the United State then the question should be asked, how different can the world be if international women unite to reinvent the world economy from the ground up? On Saturday, at 12 PM EST on Saturday, November 8, 2008 a group of dynamic international women will get together for a two hour conversation about just that “reinventing the world economy.” Reinvention and revitalization of this economy will be the topic on internet radio show, “Professionals with Impact™” hosted at www.talkshoe.com and facilitated by internet talkcast host, Joanne Quinn-Smith, also known as the “Techno Granny.” This show will be hosted on internet radio originating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania social media radio site at www.talkshoe.com

Women have been getting together and talking for centuries and thereby solving family and community challenges and now through the use of Web 2.0 technology a group of women are turning their attention to the world. This is happening through a social networking site started by Rúna Magnúsdóttir and originating in Icelandic Cyberspace. The Site is www.Connected-Women.com and the conversation is ongoing in the forum on the site: “Economic Downturn—what have we learned.” Rúna Magnúsdóttir has developed this site to facilitate women doing business with each other internationally. The conversation is active in the forum of www.Connected-Women.com for the world to see. The use of Web 2.0 technology is further being exploited by a 59 year old grandmother from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA who has gained international audience on the internet through four internet Radio shows. Joanne Quinn-Smith, also known as “the Techno Granny” will host a live internet radio show episode that can accommodate 200 callers at www.talkshoe.com. The show, “Professionals with Impact™” can be accessed live through computers and real time chat at www.TalkShoe.com at Noon EST. “Professionals with Impact™” can be accessed live at: Phone Number: 724) 444-7444 using Call ID: 33431 and will accommodate VOIP users such as Skype and Gizmo. The title of this “Professionals with Impact™” Episode is: International Women Building a New World Economy.

The Concept: World development in the 21st Century

“This is a new vision, a new approach to development cooperation together with corporate business. Especially for the business industry we created the website 1We The Chain, the international entrepreneur's platform which makes the difference. It is the first platform in which anyone can be involved in making the world a better place.” Quote from: Fazila Scierrbas International Ambassador & Director of International Contacts for 1We - One World Experience For more information please visit: http://www.1wethechain.com/
1WE is an international broadcast station with passion and the new most exiting national broadcast station. Positive TV-programs convince individuals and corporations to support the surprising development projects of One World Experience. The new style development organization and the combination of the broadcast station and its development organization make 1We - One World Experience a unique organization with international accomplishments. Socially involved entrepreneurship play an important part in this concept. Additional info at: http://www.1we.com/web/show/
Three dynamic women are spearheading the live radio conversation, two of them have met in person and two of them have not. Runa Magunsdoittir and Joanne Quinn-Smith met at the National Association of Women Business Owners Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona and subsequently Joanne engaged Runa to speak at the 2nd Annual NAWBO Day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The title of the conference in Pittsburgh was, “Think Ginormous” and as you can see, they have. Fazila Scierrbas and Runa met at an international conference for women. The connection for all three is: www.Connected-Women.com.

All three, Joanne and Runa and Fazila are visionaries who believe in making things happen. Runa began the conversation on the Economic Downturn at: www.connected-women.com and Fazila Scierrbas and others joined the conversation.

Fazila commented that there were things in the world that needed changing and that getting back to basics was very important and talked about implementing a plan to do that. Joanne wrote back that she would love to see her plan. Fazila put out her plan right on Connected-Women.com and now a radio conversation with several international women is scheduled for Saturday at 12 PM EST thru the wonders of the internet. Any international woman with a passion for reenergizing the world economy by getting back to basics is welcome to attend.
The Concept: World Development in the 21st Century:

This is with new vision, a new approach to development cooperation together with corporate business. Especially for the business industry we created the website 1We The Chain, the international entrepreneur's platform which makes the difference. It is the first platform in which anyone can be involved into making the world a better place. For more information please visit: http://www.1wethechain.com/
1WE is an international broadcast station with passion and the new most exiting national broadcast station. Positive TV-programs convince people to support the surprising development projects of One World Experience.

The new style development organization and the combination of the broadcast station and its development organization make 1We - One World Experience a unique organization with accomplishments. Socially involved entrepreneurship plays an important part in this concept.

Content: Women at their Best Getting Together to Solve Challenges

“The main issues wherever we are in the world and result in six main factors which have to be addressed from the very core in order to sustain projects and build economies. They are: Healthcare, Education, Sanitation, Ecology, Environment and Funding.” Fazila Scierrbas

“The slogan of Connected-Women is: ‘Let's get together & make a difference!’” “This is huge and can have a great impact on the world economy. The world is going through turmoil of financial downturns. After years of prosperity we are facing bad "hang-over". “But what is done, is done. We can't change the past, but we can build the future. So, what are we learning from this? What are we going to be doing differently in the future? How do you want to see the future? Your opinion is valuable! It's easy to participate, just sign-in or register.”
Rúna Magnúsdóttir. This is how the conversation started on Connected-Women.com!

“The Presidential Election in the United States has transformed us irrevocably no matter who we voted for. It’s time to now transform the world. Our challenges are not just local, they are global. This is just a good fit from Positively Pittsburgh Live Talkcast and www.PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com” to work on building on the positive and using global girl power to do it.” Joanne Quinn-Smith

The Characters:

Rúna Magnúsdóttir 0f Connected-Women.com; Founder Connected-Women.com

Previously Runa ran her import company in Iceland – today she is running a GLOBAL search and networking site for women business owners and women entrepreneurs. A site where women can promote themselves, their services, products and companies, participate in global discussion forums, give and receive referrals/recommendations for their businesses.“ A site which women associations around the globe such as the world association of women entrepreneurs, Les Femmes Chefs D’Enterprises Mondiales, FCEM, will be use as their official networking site.

Fazila Scierrbas International Ambassador & Director of International
Contacts; 1We - One World Experience

Fazila started her media career at The International Advertising Film Festival, Cannes. She now holds the position of President for The Netherlands and Malta for the European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry (EEIG). 1We - One World Experience (http://www.1we.com/web/show) has been a dream for hers since her childhood and feels like a lifetime commitment. 1We - One World Experience is an international groundbreaking TV broadcasting and development organization backed by the corporate sector. With innovative development projects and positive TV programs we cut through all traditional practices.

Joanne Quinn-Smith, Creative Energy Office of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, Publisher, PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com

Also known as The Techno Granny and 2006-2008 president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Greater Pittsburgh Chapter. Joanne’s forte is Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™ for small to medium businesses and she is the host of four internet Talkcasts with international listeners. She is also the publisher of positivelypittsburghlivemagazine.com, a multi media on line community magazine with internet magazine, radio and TV channels. Joanne is an advocate for women business owners locally, nationally and now internationally and a sought after speaker for organizations and business for Web 2.0 Best Practices.

Hi-Lights• International Radio Talkcast by Community Call at Pittsburgh Based www.talkshoe.com
• International Women from www.connected-women.com discussion on
• International Women Building a New World Economy.

• November 8, 2008 EST live internet broadcast on “Professionals with Impact™

• Live chat or call in at: 724) 444-7444 using Call ID: 33431

• Joanne Quinn-Smith, Creative Energy Office of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, Publisher, PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com

• Fazila Scierrbas International Ambassador & Director of International
Contacts; 1We - One World Experience

• Rúna Magnúsdóttir 0f Connected-Women.com; Founder Connected-Women.com

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Professionals with Impact at WE-DO Conference, Beth Caldwell PWI Guest to Speak

Professionals with Impact Early Interviewee to Speak at WE-Do Conference, Great Women Business Resource

WE-DO Leadership Conference
Womens Economic Development Outreach
Creating Connections, Building Business

Local Leadership Invitation for
Business Women in Allegheny and
Beaver Counties

Business Women! You Don't Want To Miss The 2008 WE-DO Conference being held this year at Robert Morris University's Moon Campus on Tuesday, October 21st! Along with a Fantastic National Program, We'll have These Inspiring Local Leaders:

The 2008 Local Pittsburgh WEDO Tour is pleased to present this years conference:


Impact through Innovation:

Your Competitive Advantage

The only event of its kind for women executives and entrepreuners the WEDO Tour is a resource rich program that will energize your business. ; It's packed with invaluable business advice from nationally acclaimed business women and our own local experts in business leadership. Shaped by Women's Business Advocates, women executives and entrepreneurs, along with organizations representing women business owners the WEDO Tour is your most relevant resource.

Attend this years workshop and gain key insights that will help you:

Introduce an innovation framework that sets realistic goals, leverages cumulative gains and carefully accommodates experimentation.
Create an innovation toolbox that accelerates new product and service developments in an ever-changing business environment.
Snych up company culture and customer demands with a holistic approach to nurturing employee's creativity, responding to new opportunities, and channeling the voice of the customer.

Surround Yourself with Pittsburgh's Smart and Savvy Women Leaders as they connect with Business Women across the Nation by Video Conference.

Enjoy the local panel of Pittsburgh Area Leaders who will help you gain your competitive advantage with Leadership and Innovation!

National City WEDO Tour 2008 for Allegheny & Beaver Counties:
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Robert Morris University
Sewall Center Executive Conference Center, Moon Township, PA 15108

Agenda: 9:00am to 3:00pm

Keynote Presenter:

Maria Berdusco
Author, Leadership Consultant & Executive Coach

Kathy Buechel
President, Alcoa Foundation

Oditza Carrasco
President, American Bank FSB

Kristie Guthrie
Professional Counselor Hope Counseling Services

Deanna Tucci-Schmitt
Owner BNI Western PA

2008 WEDO Allegheny & Beaver Counties Local Committee:

Beth Caldwell
Pttsburgh Professional Women

Ann Callen
National City

Jenn Carr
Credit Justice Services

Lindsay Cost
National City

Christian DeSarbo
National City

Barbara Fisher U.S. Small Business Administration

Suzanne Froehlich Froehlich & Associates Insurance

Sarelle Gross
National City
Donna Herrle Drawing Conclusions
Daniel Hooper
National City
&nbs p;
Kristi Hosko

Tamara Howard
National City

Betty Karleski Home Instead Senior Care

Michele Mook
National City

Janette Schafer
National City

Jill Yahnite
Zoltun Design

10:00 Satellite Video Conference

11:30 Lunch & Leadership Presentation, Maria Berdusco

Author: How To Think Like A Leader
12:30 Breakout Sessions: Small Group Round Table Discussions with Local Leaders

3:00 Door Prize Drawings And Adjourn

Register at: WE-DO.net

Friday, October 3, 2008

Award Winning Restauranteurs, Janet and Charles Pellegrini, Tambellini's Restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Janet and Charlie Pellegrini own and run one of the few family owned independent restaurants to survive second generation management in the City of Pittsburgh.

They are members of Lucchese nel Mondo, Pittsburgh Chapter, an organization for those of Italian descent from Lucca, Tuscany. The Mission of Lucchese nel Mondo is the promotion of the Lucca Italian subculture.

Mary Tambellini Pelligrini, Charlie’s mother was the President Emeritus on Local Board
Who has raided money to send Janet and Charlie’s son to Italy with the shortfall taken up by the Italian Government.
The Pellegrini’s have been awarded the , Silver Star for Promotion of Italian Culture in America, the Italiani nel Mondo This is an award for overseas restaurant that respects the gastronomical traditions of Italy.

Mary Tambellini Pelligrini, the original owner won awards for preservation of Italian culture from Lucchese nel Mondo.

The Tambellini/Pelligrini family also has a long tradition of supporting local charities especially the local chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Among their traditional family recipes are Zucchini Fritti and Fritti Misti which is batter dipped fried mushrooms and zucchini.

Asked about other family owned independent restaurants that did not survive, they say that independent restaurants face many challenges, not the least of which is the huge infrastructure and advertisement of large franchises. These successful independent restaurant owners feel that their asset in being independently owned is their flexibility to do innovative things. They credit this flexibility with their ability to compete with national franchised. They have instituted an on line menu with curbside delivery and a special deal to feed a family of 4 for the price of 3.

Even though they are not a franchise, they provide their clients with absolute consistency. F Tambellini’s chef has been with them for 32 years. They ascribe to and utilize Glasser/Kennedy Marketing techniques taught by Beck Gomes of Up a Notch Marketing.

Charlie and Janet Pelligrini attribute their ability to spend time on marketing to their excellent staff which means that the restaurant runs as smoothly when they are there as when they are not. Their time is spent on creating a memorable dining experience and utilizing the capacity of this wonderful iconic restaurant in the Pittsburgh cultural district.

Another innovation, is that they provide a Shop by Gift Card Showcase with free gift wrapping so that clients don’t have to worry about shopping for that birthday luncheon gift, it’s just one more way of FTambellini’s being a one stop shop for any special day.

Janet and Charlie Pelligrini
Tambellini Ristorante, Seventh Street
139 7th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Scripps Howard Columnist, Bruce Freeman, Small Biz Professor

Bruce Freeman
The Small Business Professor ®
Speaking Engagements

To the readers of 400 papers across the country, he is known as Professor Bruce. In his weekly nationally syndicated column, “Ask the Small Business Professor?” Bruce gives expert advice to small-business owners from qualified professionals.

Bruce is also an engaging speaker who shares his front-line entrepreneurial experiences as well as insights on the successes of entrepreneurs in the news. Bruce has been a featured guest on CBS Radio, Bloomberg TV, the Joan Hamburg Show and many other programs. He also speaks frequently to a wide range of organizations.

In his dynamic presentation, “The Entrepreneurial Mind,” Bruce explores the inspirations and motivations driving American entrepreneurs – and highlights entertaining and educational aspects of building a thriving business in today’s economy.
Bruce Freeman, “The Small Business Professor” spoke at our recent Lunch and Learn program. Bruce’s presentation, The Entrepreneurial Mind, is a fresh approach to identifying what it takes from the mind and soul when starting your own business. As a speaker, his warmth and humor complement his tips and the audience enjoyed and benefited from his presentation.”
- Karol McNulty, Executive Director, Milburn-Short Hills Chamber of Commerce
To hear interview (podcast) with Liz and Joan Hamburg – WOR Radio: http://www.wor710.com/pages/57303.php?contentType=4&contentId=172612
Speaker, Author, Columnist, Entrepreneur, Professor

Bruce Freeman is a successful entrepreneur. After being fired from a management position in a major publishing company in 1991, Bruce started his own marketing and public relations company, ProLine Communications, on a "hope, a prayer and a home equity line of credit.”

His newest venture, Birthing the Elephant: the woman’s go for it! guide to overcoming the big challenges of launching a business (with co-author Karin Abarbanel ) has just been published (Ten Speed Press, Berkeley CA, March 08).

Bruce’s first column with Scripps Howard (The Small Business Professor), a series of case studies about successful entrepreneurs and lessons learned along the way, won the US Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year Award (NJ 2006). In addition, Bruce Freeman is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University where he recently won the 2007-2008 excellent adjunct professor teaching award.

For more information: Please visit www.smallbusinessprof.com or call 973-716-9457.

Associated Press story - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25001930

Does the media bury the real issue?
When a huge corporation lays off 20,000 workers (and the national unemployment rate rises to 5.5%) where do they go to support themselves and their families?

The subprime mess…the economy in recession…companies cutting jobs left and right. While the pundits argue about whether the unemployment rate is 5.3% or 5.5%, no one is talking about the suffering behind the statistics.

When someone else is unemployed, the unemployment rate is 5.5%; when it’s you, the unemployment rate is 100%. The real issue? The devastation, emotional as well as financial, that losing a job creates. Women are often the hardest hit: In two-paycheck families, their income is critical. Many are single or divorced and sole breadwinners.

Faced with the ax, fed up with job insecurity or reinventing themselves in mid-life, more and more women are taking control of their financial futures by starting small businesses. In fact, every 60 seconds five more women catch start-up fever and launch new ventures -- that’s 200,000 a month – and more than 2.5 million women a year. But many of them may be jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Launching is daunting! One-third of all new businesses don’t make it past year two. More than half won’t make it past year four. Beating the odds isn’t easy. It takes more than deep pockets or a promising product. It takes emotional staying power.

The biggest start-up hurdle women face? You might think it’s money. But seasoned entrepreneurs know the real key to success is winning the “small business mind game.” Many women focus on 2Ms: Money and Marketing – and neglect the 3rd M: Motivation.
A big mistake! Because emotional stamina is at the heart of small-business survival.

That’s where Birthing the Elephant breaks new ground: It’s the What to Expect When You’re Expecting for aspiring women entrepreneurs. It offers a practical road map to the rocky emotional terrain they’ll face in the first critical 24 months of their venture –that make-or-break time when every decision counts. Step by step, it shows women how to:

• make the transition from employee to entrepreneur
• survive the “fall apart” phase that hits every start-up
• strengthen their “resiliency muscle”
• avoid costly pitfalls that can derail their dreams

Birthing the Elephant can mean the difference between success and failure. Packed with go for it! strategies from cosmetics founder Bobbi Brown, designer Liz Lange, and other entrepreneurs, it empowers women to deliver on their dreams.

Karin Abarbanel runs a marketing communications firm and served as the spokesperson
for Avon’s “Corporation to Cottage” initiative.
Bruce Freeman, nationally known as the Small Business Professor, is a syndicated
columnist for Scripps Howard News Service.

To hear Bruce interview on Professionals with IMpact:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Becky Gomes, Nakama Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar and Up a Notch Marketing

Becky Gomes
Speaker / Expert Marketer / Award Winning Restaurant Owner
Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Sale Professionals

Becky Gomes has been studying sales and marketing since 1981. Becky has now taken her 25 plus years of experience in sales and marketing and now teaches business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs her unique direct response marketing techniques as well as taking on personal clients, and running local monthly chapter meetings through her marketing company, Up A Notch Marketing. In addition, Becky runs local mastermind groups that focus directly ON the entrepreneurs businesses with astounding results!
“I felt it was time for a change so I joined Up a Notch Marketing and Becky’s MasterMind Group. It is a breath of fresh air! There is so much support and creative ideas going around it’s hard not to catch the excitement. I don’t think there is a better way to skyrocket your business or career.

My recent goal was to acquire two more insurance agencies. With Becky’s help & the members of the mastermind group, we re-designed my sales letter. I currently have twelve people asking me to take over their agencies. This never would have been possible without me being a member of the mastermind group”.
Joe Griffin, Griffin Insurance Group, Zelienople PA

“Even though you have a superior product and a far better way of doing business, customers will not beat a path to your door unless they know about you. That’s why marketing is so important to any business, especially one that begins from dead start. I was first exposed to Dan Kennedy in the early 90’s. His stuff always made sense, but that is even truer in today’s competitive markets. The only thing that was missing was a local connection to bounce ideas off.

That is why I jumped at the chance to join Becky’s Up A Notch Marketing Pittsburgh Chapter and then her Mastermind Group. I get tremendous value from both. There is no place else you can get ideas and support from successful like-minded people. The Mastermind Group gives you the perspective of six new “sets of eyes”. The viewpoint and constructive critique of people who are not in the home improvement business is critical in developing marketing tools that work in today’s every changing market. We are looking to grow our business by more than 50% over the next year, and I know that my participation in this group and applying the “Kennedy-style” marketing techniques that Becky teaches will go a long way in helping us achieve this goal.”
Steve Rennekamp, Energyswing Windows, Murrysville PA

“When I first attended a local chapter meeting for Up A Notch Marketing, I felt like I had found my marketing and professional home! Finally a group of people that did not think that I was nuts! The chapter meetings started me on the path of true understanding of how my hats (businesses) were not really different! At the second meeting I was able to present about my nutrition business and the whole group was very methodical in helping me apply my marketing ideas! What a remarkable ROI (return on investment) for me!

Then when Becky offered the Master Mind Coaching I just had to make the commitment of time and energy as I want to achieve my lofty goal of changing my husband from practicing medicine to marketing information about medicine.

The first Master Mind session literally stopped me from multi-tasking as this kept me from attaining intermediate goals. The rest of the sessions have been absolutely phenomenal in keeping me on track and developing new ideas on what can work in both businesses.

The group is very helpful and demanding like they should be. I highly recommend anyone to become a member of Becky’s Master Mind Coaching group to take your business up a notch!”
Sunita Pandit, Reliv4u2, Gibsonia Pa

“When I started attending the chapter meetings in August 2007 our sales were around $5,000 a month. My partner wasn’t all that concerned about my spending thirty dollars a month to attend the chapter meetings. However, when I approached him with the idea of joining the Mastermind Group for over $3,000 a year so that I could improve my marketing skills, he was very skeptical. That was a major investment for us and one that didn’t have any guarantee of a return.

Why would I want to join a Mastermind Group? In all of the best business oriented books that I have read a common theme is that you should find a mentor. In the mastermind group I have seven. For one half day a month I get the attention of like-minded people who are actively trying to improve the marketing of their businesses.

Our projected ongoing sales since joining Becky’s Mastermind Group are up 120%, and we are planning to be at 400% by year’s end. That will be an ROI of about 600%.

A 600% return on investment by itself is good enough in my book to say that Mastermind paid off, if that was all that there was to it. When you add in all of the other goodies that I have picked up from Mastermind, it is fair to say that I am a huge fan and supporter of the group.”
Gregg Mathis, SLFF Ventures LLC, Pittsburgh PA

About Becky Gomes
Becky has been studying direct response marketing and techniques since 1981. Becky is a Certified Business Advisor in the Pittsburgh area and has found her passion as she teaches other “like-minded” individuals how to apply and utilize direct marketing techniques to skyrocket their business, product or services through her local chapter meetings and mastermind groups. Becky was named as a Fast Tracker by Pittsburgh Business Times. Becky has also been a featured speaker for many local organizations. Although Becky has limited time she does take on select personal clients.

Becky is President of the independently owned award winning restaurant, Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. Since opening in 2003, Nakama has garnered over 49 people’s Choice Awards and is a multi-million dollar business. It is consistently rated as one of the top places to eat in Pittsburgh.

Another of Becky’s passions is volunteering at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Western Pennsylvania since 1997 when her daughter, Katie, was born with this fatal, genetic disease. She has been awarded “Volunteer of the Year” and is chairperson of three events yearly. She currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for Cystic Fibrosis, is a member of the Volunteer Leadership Initiative of Cystic Fibrosis; a member of the Cure Finder Cystic Fibrosis Team; as well as a member on the Family Advisory Board to the CF doctors.

Contact Becky Gomes
Call: 412.369.9994
Email: becky@upanotchmarketing.com

For more information see:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Professionals with Impact--Lorin Beller Blake, Author--"From Entrepreneur to Big Fish"

Lorin Beller Blake
Speaker / Writer / Inspirer
Audience: Female Business Owners and Leaders

“I hope you don’t mind if I brag. Thank you Lorin and Big Fish Nation for giving me the motivation to go after the BIG ONE! The contract term is for 2 years with 3 one year options and is worth an estimated $9,000,000.00!” – Robin B., Entrepreneur, Bolton, Connecticut

“I have been very successful in sales but the Big Fish Coaching helped me work more effectively toward creating a vision for my business. I wanted a business with a great culture. Staff, clients and vendors who can’t imagine working for anyone else. The skills I have learned have impacted my business thus enhancing my life.” -Elissa N., Entrepreneur, Tampa, Florida

“I was a ‘Wall Street Corporate Exec’ until 9/11. After that I realized I wanted more out of life so I launched my own business. In the first year I found Big Fish. Using their program as my ‘business blue print’ I was able to make my vision a reality. Thanks to Lorin Beller, I am living my dream.” - Kelly L., Entrepreneur, Spring Lake, New Jersey

Lorin Beller Blake is the founder of Big Fish Nation, a year-long business development program that leads entrepreneurs toward maximizing their lives and business goals using a unique combination of teleclasses and one-on-one coaching delivered by highly trained business coaches. As a Big Fish herself, Lorin understands the importance of a balanced well-being in order to have a big impact in the world. Author of From Entrepreneur to Big Fish: 7 Principles to Wild Success, Blake encourages readers to integrate hard core business skills with spiritual principles to break through that glass ceiling. Big Fish Nation recently established a media relationship with Pink Magazine you will find us online, in their magazine and in their eblasts as supporters of PINK Magazine, who works to empower women to be a success.

Like many of the Big Fish she works with, Lorin was ready to stop working for someone else, and make life work for her. She left the corporate world to pursue her dream of coaching fellow-entrepreneurs toward redefining their visions so they too can make a “big splash” in their lives and businesses. Lorin formed Big Fish Nation in 2004 and since then Lorin has been fulfilling her dream—sharing her Big Fish principals with thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide through her innovative program which as been promoted nationally as ‘a Zen approach to business.’

Topics Lorin has expertise in are:
• 7 Principles to Wild Success
• How to use a Vision to create Success
• Goal Setting – using a one page plan for an entire year!
• Sales and Marketing: doing it daily successfully!
• The Age of the Woman: Creating Balance and Success.
• The power of Choice. The Power of Responsibility.
• Live Fully but first, Boldly Act.
• How healthy are you? Look at your business.
• Success is found in a Paradox.

* * * * * * * *

About Lorin Beller Blake
Blake entered the professional world a spirited entrepreneur in the health and wellness field working as a stress management and goal setting trainer, and counselor. As a business-savvy industrialist, Lorin successfully co-founded and developed Global 2000, one of the first local internet service providers in the country. She later sold the company and stayed on in the new company, BiznessOnline, as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. There she played a major role in advancing the company by acquiring and integrating more than 13 companies in over two years while working on the team to take the entity public.

Big Fish Nation and Lorin Beller have been nationally recognized by Investor’s Business Daily and was named one of the Top 30 Female Executives of 2004 by Female Entrepreneur Magazine. She has also been a featured speaker for Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI), the Internationally known Young Entrepreneur Organization (YEO), Canada’s Women in Business National Expo and she is a co-host on the Kathryn Zox Radio show on Voice America weekly.

Contact Lorin Beller Blake:
Call: 512.266.2196
Email: Lorin@bigfishnation.com

For more information see:
Book: From Entrepreneur to Big Fish: 7 Principles to Wild Success

Monday, July 14, 2008

Title: EPISODE36 - Nancy Christie, Author of "The Gifts of Change"

Nancy Christie's notes from Professionals with Impact, July 14, 2008
Listen to the show for additional information and great dynamic stories about change

Episode Notes: Nancy is a freelance writer and author of The Gifts of Change, e-host of the Community of Change and host of â??Take Charge of Your Lifeâ?? Internet radio talk show premiering August 5, 2008 at 10 AM (EST)

Nancy Christie
Websites: www.communityofchange.com and Make a Change blog at http://communityofchange.blogspot.com/.
www.nancychristie.com and The Writer’s Place blog at http://nancychristie.blogspot.com/
E-mail: nancy@nancychristie.com
Talking points
My profession: I’m a freelance writer for magazines and companies nationwide, workshop teacher on both motivational and writing-related subjects, author of The Gifts of Change and host of “Take Charge of Your Life” on VoiceAmerica network.
About The Gifts of Change: This book came about as a result of my mother’s battle with cancer and focuses on how to make the most of the changes that come into our lives, even when they are ones we don’t want, are afraid of or feel unprepared to handle. Change is neither good nor bad, it just is. It’s how we interpret the change, how we allow it to affect us that makes it either a positive or a negative force.

What the stories in The Gifts of Change illustrate is that those times when our life is not going according to plan is when the most potential for growth exists. We can either throw in the towel or look inside ourselves to find the strength and ability to persevere. This approach not only gets us through the difficult time but also rewards us with a new appreciation of ourselves—the gift brought by the change.

The book is published by Beyond Words under Simon & Schuster’s Atria imprint, and it’s available through Amazon at bookstores nationwide.

About my workshops: I teach both writing-related workshops and motivational ones, including my “Rut-Busting”™ workshop series. But what I have found is that all my classes have elements of proactivity and self-development. It is so easy to believe that what we have accomplished is all we can accomplish and that whenever things don’t turn out the way we wanted, that is a precursor of future outcomes.
Self-doubt is so pervasive and so damaging. We are so quick to give up, to believe that we can’t, that our belief becomes reality. And we are equally quick to resist challenging ourselves, doing what I call exercising our “change muscle.” We like the status quo and we are afraid of trying something new, of pushing beyond our self-imposed boundaries. The problem with that is that we become weaker, not safer, and then when a challenge comes along, we are unable to deal with it as effectively as we might wish.

About the concept of failure: Failure just means the outcome isn’t the one you wanted. Like a weed is simply a plant that surfaced where you don’t want it. It doesn’t mean you are stupid, incompetent or destined to be a failure forever. It just means that, for whatever reason—and there can be a lot of different ones—what you tried didn’t work. What you need to do is figure out why it didn’t work and what you have to change to get a different outcome. Or perhaps it isn’t what you need to do but what you want as an outcome that needs to be revised. You need to be open to change. Sometimes those obstacles or roadblocks can be the best thing that happened to you!

Upcoming projects: My “Take Charge of Your Life” radio show will premiere August 5, and I’m quite excited about the prospect of bringing top names in various fields—health, finance, career and life planning and self-development—to my listeners.
I’m also working on a new book, with the working title of Say “Yes!” for a Change: Change your response to change your life! The book’s title, Say “Yes!” for a Change, can be taken two ways: say “Yes” instead of always saying “No” and say “Yes” to bring into being the transformation.
Each chapter focuses on a way to say “Yes” to change, beginning with a reflective approach that encourages readers to look inward to evaluate their own responses to change, closing with (in marketing terms) a “call to action”: three questions, suggestions or points to consider, giving readers the chance to put their understanding to the test by making a measurable change.
Say “Yes!” for a Change uses a combination of personal stories and practical suggestions to help readers approach change from a different perspective. Both experts in the field of change and individuals who have experienced personal challenges offer their comments, views and experiences about how saying “yes” ultimately enhanced and enriched their lives.

Pro bono activities: I have done a number of motivational speaking engagements and mini-workshops for community organizations and non-profit groups. I developed my Community of Change web site as a way to offer even more encouragement and support to those who are struggling with change. The site includes my Make a Change blog and my monthly Change-A-Gram—my way of doing what I can to reassure those who are under stress or unsure what to do when faced with transition.

As a professional writer, my door is open (figuratively speaking) to writers who either want to enter the freelance field or make a shift in their writing career. I offer them what wisdom and knowledge I have gained in my 20-plus years of writing and learning about the writing process. I have also expanded my Nancy Christie site to include The Writer’s Place section, where I offer information on upcoming conferences, books for and about writing and writers, and The Writer’s Place blog, covering a different writing topic each month.
Why I do it: While both my sites and my other activities require a lot of time and a fair bit of money to do, I feel that it is important to give something back to the universe without requiring compensation. Through the years, so many people have helped me professionally and personally that it is my way of “paying it forward.”

Most enriching moment: There have been quite a few but what keeps me going is when someone says reading my book or attending one of my motivational workshop gave them the courage to pursue their dream or overcome their problem. Or when a writer says that my words encouraged him or her to keep pushing forward, despite the mounds of rejection letters or the mountain of self-doubt.

What is your life goal: To use my writing to make a difference in someone’s life. To help another person view life a little differently, a little more positively. To encourage others to try something that stretches their abilities and changes how they think about themselves.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

EPISODE29 - Sue Tresatti--HP Team, Web Consultant and Unassuming Volunteer

Sue is has been actively involved in both Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and web design for charitable organizations. In addition to her IT business, Taylored Solutions, Sue is a Hewlett Packard team consultant enabling consumers to save money and time by buying direct from HP.

Susan Tresatti is one of those people who answers when you ask, "What volunteer work do you do?" says, “I am not really involved in anything.” Dig a little deeper though and you will find out that Sue has
Started a computer literacy program at the YMCA in Greensburg, PA

Offers Free computer classes at the Manor Library in Manor, Pa

Has donated time for the cystic fibrosis web page for Mr. Romance Pittsburgh at www.mrromancepittsburgh.ning.com

Mentored for Girls Going Places annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. where young girls 12 to 18 get a full days dose of business and entrepreneurship from seasoned business owners like Susan Tresatti

Susan has also donated her time to teach small businesses Internet Marketing

Girl Scout Leader for 3 years

Boy scout Committee member for 5 years

She also regularly donates her customer’s computers to non-profit companies when they get new ones.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much that she is not involved in much volunteer work.
Sue’s education in addition to years in the trenches as an entrepreneur, trainer and tech trouble shooter includes Bachelors from Point Park University and MBA from Seton Hill University.
She is the married mother of two children and has traveled to three foreign countries. Her businesses include the Weight Loss Patch and she is also a World Ventures Travel (travel agent) Sue’s primary business is: Taylored Solutions Inc. – Woman Business Enterprise WBE which offers technology solutions that “FIT” your business She is also part of the Hewlett Packard Pennsylvania Account Team Taylored Solutions list of services includes: Web Design; E-Learning software and Computer Support.

As Part of the Hewlett Packard PA Account Team Sue offers Discounted Pricing; Special pricing for Big Deals; help with quotes and service issues and A Team that has
been working with HP for over 20 years. She also offers the Ability to purchase
through your own” FREE” Personalized HP Web Site.

Taylored Solutions, Inc.
107 Brian Drive
Saxonburg, PA 16056
Phone: 724-234-2669
Fax: 724-234-4816

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Episode 25--Embroid Me Franchiser, Richard Stillwell, Citizens Corps and USA Freedom Corps Member

EPISODE25 - Embroid Me Franchiser, Richard Stilwell
04/16/2008 08:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Citizens Corps and USA Freedom Corps Member, Air Force Reserves and Energetic Entrepreneur along with many other civic activities.

Richard Stilwell, Weirton WV, was born and raised in eastern panhandle of West Virginia. During his service in the Air Force he traveled and lived in various places including Germany. After active service Richard joined the Air Force Reserves as a Flight Engineer which enabled him to do more traveling while helping out his country. He worked in various airline industries in the southern and northern CA when he decided he wanted to be closer to his home state. He then moved 20 some years ago to work for US Airways in Pittsburgh which he though would be a good place to start and raise a family. At US Air he worked as both a mechanic and Inspector, where he learned and expanded his attention to detail.

Unfortunately after 911 the airlines as well as many other industrial were greatly affected which eventually lead to his and his family’s decision to follow Richard’s life long dream to start a business. His business has enabled him to become involved in his local Rotarian club Parkway West Rotary Club which won Club of the year. Richard is involved in various activates with the rotary most notably the annual STEAK N ALE picnic and sits on the committed for the Gerry Dulac Charity Golf Classic l annual golf tournament.

Richard is also in his local Citizens Corps. For those who do not know USA Freedom Corps was established Jan 2002 following the Sept 11, 2001 tragic events. The Citizen Corps is a component of the Freedom Corps created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer stronger and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. It provides opportunities for people to participate in a range of measures to make their communities safer from threats of crime terrorism and disasters of all kinds

Lest you think that Richard is all work and no play, he has a personal passion for thoroughbred horses and horse racing. He and several friends have owned several horses in the past and currently do now. They have been very fortunate that the horses have won enough money to pay for themselves which as anyone in the horse racing business knows is wonderful if you break even and don’t lose money. As of now Richard and his group has a young horse that will be ready for training in another year. He has won in the past a national contest on the internet for Bristnet handicappers edge Bristnet.com and won a trip to Las Vegas to participate in The National Handicap Championship.

Richard and his wife own a business called Embroid Me which is part of a franchise with of over 400 stores world wide. The business deals in retail embroidery, screen printing and promotional products. Richard had always wanted to own his own business but not sure what kind and after some research decided that EmbroidMe was something that would be a good fit. He finds it constantly stimulating due to the large variety of items that the Embroid Me Store offers. Richard’s attention to detail learned in his prior field in the repair and inspection of airplanes has crossed over into his attention and detail of his business Embroid Me.
Richard is keeps current with innovations in the embroidery business. This had lead to his numerous updates to computer artwork and process of digitizing into “stitch file “making a more rapid turn around time for customers.

The two most common things Richard hears from his customers is that they did not know there was a place that can do what his business does and that it was done so quickly.

Embroid Me caters to both large and small businesses as well as schools and any organization that needs anything from embroidery to t-shirts to school athletic uniforms. Embroid Me helps companies and organizations with branding by excellent logo work. . This is also a very cost effective way for companies to advertise by putting their company logo on apparel to increase their company or organization visibility. . One Embroid Me customer has his company logo put on stuffed animals for anyone in his company who has a birth of a new baby. What a way to advertise!!!!

Embroid Me has a machine called a garment printer making it easy to produce a small number of t-shirts or even one. This makes embroidery an excellent choice over screen printing. There are no minimums to order like some other embroidery companies. Embroid Me specializes in custom embroidery items. For those who do not understand it means one of a kind item designed by the customer that you will not find in some store along with numerous others of the same type..

Richard prides himself in creating unique items for his customers. One repeat customer has had EmbroidMe make a unique retirement gift which also is a collector’s item. This particular company has gone thru different ownerships over the years and what EmbroidMe has done is take each logo the company has used and put it on a piecie of cloth. The company then takes it and has it professional framed. After the 1st one was done it became such a big hit that the company keeps coming back for more for each new retiree. Richard has designed one of a kind tire covers for jeep tires. Sure customers can order one from the company that made their vehicle but they want something uniquely their own. Customers know there is a premium price for some of these items, but they know they are getting a premium custom made item they designed for someone special or for themselves which they will have and cherish for years to come. People love to come into the store and design their own logos and with the artwork capabilities Richard has it makes it easier and faster to find a fit for each individual group or event.

Richard’s Parkway Rotary Club’s signature annual charity, Gerry Dulac Golf Classic outing is at Diamond Run Golf course on July 21, 2007. You can get tickets from any Parkway West Rotary Club member, or e-mail Richard or, stop by the Embroid Me store in Robinson Township, Pa. and Richard has a form for you to register. All proceeds are donated to charity.

You can listen to the archived version of Episode 25 at: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/tscmd/tc/33431

Richard Stilwell
Embroid Me
6538 Steubenville Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Testimonial for Professionals with Impact Show

Hi Joanne,
I just had to write to you and thank you for the time and energy you put
into your podcasts. I just finished listening to several in the last few
days and loved them all! My husband bought me a new ipod for Christmas
and I've been listening in the car and now I am listening to one as I
type this. What a wealth of wonderful info. I can't wait to listen to
more of them. There are so many helpful hints and inspiring stories. I
listened to the interview with Beth Caldwell (who I love...she's such a
nice person) and the Gossip Lady today. I think that the first one I
listened to was: Ann Martin Lipstick to Law (since I am an MK
consultant). I also listened to the one with Becky Gomes and rsvped to
her marketing meeting. I'm very excited about attending at the end of
February. So many exciting things going on in Pittsburgh. With three
small children I haven't been able to attend the marketing and
networking events but I would love to get involved eventually with them.
Thank you for contributing such a wonderful Podcast for Pittsburgh
Business Owners. It's so cool that your guests are willing to share and
help others. I'm very impressed and can't wait to be involved with this
great group of Pittsburghers. Thanks again!

Have a great weekend.

Wendy Cibula

Host note:

Wendy is the owner of a wonderful Mexican Restaurant in Pittsburgh Area.
Wendy and John Cibula
Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant
2313 Rochester Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Episode 22, Becky Gomes of Up a Notch Marketing

Becky Gomes is the president of Up A Notch Marketing.

For the last 15 years Becky’s passion has been sales and marketing. She has proven that her unique direct marketing techniques work by taking her restaurant, Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, located in Pittsburgh’s trendy South Side, to huge net profits. Nakama has also garnered over 40 ‘People’s Choice’ awards in the past four years.

Becky’s innovative marketing techniques have developed and nurtured over 28, 000 members and guests on Nakama’s VIP lists. Becky teaches these same strategies to different business owners and entrepreneurs at her Up A Notch Marketing Chapter Meetings.

Questions that Becky answered during this interview?

Who are these meetings geared towards?

I saw some of these strange banners at your last meeting….what were they for and what did they mean?

What makes your marketing meetings different from ‘networking’ meetings?

Tell me some different ways that you have applied your marketing?

What is unique about your meetings?

Is this in lecture format???

Well, do people network??

What if I wanted personal coaching time with you?

What exactly are ‘mastermind groups’ ???

Tell me where people would start if they wanted to find out more information on the type of marketing you teach?

Reach Becky at: www.upanotchmarketing.com

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Techno Granny Interviews Techno Professionals

Interviews on topic with users of 21st Century technology to get you to use it also.

Great interview with Shawne Duperon on "Professionals with Impact" UPCOMING SEMINAR WITH SHAWN

“Romancing the Media: How to Get a Second Date”
Tele-seminar, Feb 11, 2008

Mark your calendars for my next teleseminar:
“Romancing the Media: How to Get a Second Date."

I’m teaming up with business guru and customer
service expert Lori Vest.

You’ll discover a unique approach to long-term
and long-lasting media coverage: It’s all about
the romance!

Through hilarious analogies of dating in the 21st
century, We’ll teach you how to approach media
like a successful dating campaign. Your goal in
love? To find your soul mate! Your goal in
media? To create as many strong media
relationships as you can, so that you get ongoing
free coverage. Ironically, the same principles
apply to both love and media!

The biggest mistake you can make on a first date
is to push your own ideas, goals, and successes
on your unsuspecting romantic prospect. The same
holds true for media. The biggest mistake you
make while pitching is being completely focused
on YOUR story, YOUR product or YOUR service.

In this content-driven tele-seminar, you’ll learn
how to court the media and create long-term,
long-lasting relationships that will generate
incredible free coverage for years!

You’ll also learn:

-How to pitch the perfect story
-The elements you must pitch so the media fall in
love with YOU
-How to create a one-stop media location for any
-How to use food to get coverage
-Why you must always ask for permission to pitch
-How to get more than a minute of airtime for
your book, product or service
-How to piggyback off of local and national
-How to piggyback using USA Today, the best
resource for studies
-The big differences between broadcast versus
-Three mistakes you don’t want to make when
romancing a media contact

The one-hour tele-seminar is Feb 11, 2008, 7PM
EST The cost is $39.95. Click here to sign up.

Shawne Duperon
CEO, ShawneTV
Marketing & Promotions
TV, Networking & Gossip Expert

29558 English Way
Novi, MI 48377

"We are not here merely to make a living. We are here to enrich the world
and we impoverish ourselves if we forget this errand." ~ Woodrow Wilson

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Episode 19--Emmy Award Winning TV Producer and Meda and Gossip Expert

EMMY Award winning producer Shawne Duperon has been in television for
nearly 20 years. She also spoke recently at lst Annual NAWBO Days in September, 2007, anyone who heard her would agree, her information is super-charged.

She’s worked for ABC and NBC and has traveled the globe for the likes of
World Business Review with Alexander Haig and The Science Museum of
London. You’ve seen her programing on PBS, and Discovery Channel and
you’ve even heard her as the voice for OnStar.

Shawne has interviewed many famous people including Morgan Freeman, Colin
Powell and Yo Yo Ma.

Shawne is currently a PhD student at Wayne State University in Detroit..
with a focus on gossip and media.

Media, she says, is the ultimate network. Knowing how to generate free
publicity will have your business rock!

Questions she will answer on Professionals with Impact, Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at

1) What is the difference between marketing and PR?

2) How do you start a PR campaign

3) Talk about ways to get publicity right now..

4) What if the news comes to that superbowl party and doesn’t mention your
company.. it kind of defeats the purpose right?

5) but don’t we want the news to mention our business?

6) How do you start a relationship,

7) give us some examples of stories right now…

8) when do you call the newsroom?

9) at 8:25 PM she will take live questions from the audience

You have been invited by Joanne Quinn-Smith to join a live Community Call.
Professionals with Impact-PWI (Join in)

Host: jqsdreamweaver - jqsdreamweaver@hotmail.com
Gossip and media expert. Award winning TV producer and networking guru. Recently interviewed by the New York Times.
Call ID: 33431

Scheduled Time:

Date: Wed, January 16, 2008
Time: 08:30 PM EST

How to participate:

Call in:
1. Dial: (724) 444-7444
2. Enter: 33431 # (Call ID)
3. Enter: 1 # or your PIN
Join from your computer:
1. Click here to join the call or just listen along
2. (Optional) Become a TalkShoe member
Listen to the Recording:
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