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Professionals with Impact is a show about
professionals that don't just have a job or
business in the market place but a mission
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impact. On a "need to know" basis, everyone needs to
know when an outstanding individual stretches
to create a resource that enhances their
environment or the lives of others.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Episode 2: 6/`8/2007 Jo Ann Forrester/SI Business Associates

JoAnn R. Forrester
S. I. Business Associates
Celebrate & Share
Price it Perfect
P. O. Box 472
Oakmont, PA 15139
E-mail: selfimagebz@aol.com

Jo Ann R. Forrester is founder, president and majority of S I Business Associates, a business growth management firm established in 1975. Over 70,000 hours of experience in teaching, consulting, human relations and business development classes, seminars and individual consultations have made her a prominent woman on the business scene in Western Pennsylvania. As a financial consultant and growth management specialist, Jo Ann has specialized in helping small businesses grow and prosper. A number of her clients have won local, regional and national recognition for their achievements as small business owners. In 1998 she co-developed the PRICE IT PERFECT(TM) cost management and cost analysis program for small business. This program is recommended by several organizations, including the SBA 8A program for helping business owners and contractors bid successfully in government projects.

Concentrating on small businesses, Jo Ann's experience includes developing over five hundred business plans and being the on-site consultant for the Women's Entrepreneurial Training Program for the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania. From 1991 to 1995 she served on a Pennsylvania Governor's Task Force for the development of a strategic growth plan for women business owners. As a member of the U. S. Small Business Administration's Small Business Advisory Council for the Western Pennsylvania District, Jo Ann was appointed the first woman in Chair of the Council in May of 1993.

Co-author of STEPS TO OWNING YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS, a workbook that has been used at Community College of Allegheny County since 1984, Jo Ann has led hundreds of men and women into an understanding of the often confusing world of business. Jo Ann is a nationally certified trainer for the National Foundation of Women Business Owners. JoAnn has shared her expertise with many organizations and institutions, including Carlow College, Robert Morris University, and Community College of Allegheny county, National Association of Women Business Owners and Allegheny County M/W/D.B.E. Department. In 2004 she was appointed one of the Program Loan Coordinators of the M/W/D.B.E. Working Capital Loan Program of Allegheny County.

JoAnn has served 5 terms as President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, spanning the years from 1988 to 2001; she also served on the National Board of NAWBO for the 1990-91 year. She was actively involved in establishing WOMEN DIRECT, the largest directory of women business owners to be published in the United States. In 1995, Jo Ann served as the primary consultant in the study, FINANCIAL PORTRAIT OF WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS, an in-depth regional survey of women business owners and their economic strengths conducted by the SBD of Duquesne University.

In 2002, JoAnn Forrester and Bonnie DiCarlo, established Celebrate & Share. C & S is dedicated to recognizing and honoring the achievements of women, while raising funds for organizations that support the needs of women and children. They have conducted numerous events over the years and have raised significant funds for such organizations as Cribs for Kids, Vision of Hope, Women’s Independent Press, Tomorrow’s Future, Linda Cobb’s Transplant Fund and Dress for Success. For the past three years they have conducted the Women of Achievement Breakfasts honoring over 70 women in the Pittsburgh area.

The U. S. Small Business Administration awarded Jo Ann the U.S. Small Business Award for 1989 Woman Business Advocate for Western Pennsylvania. She has made numerous speeches and appearances on radio and television promoting the interests of women business owners as a specialist in business planning and development. In 1993, she received recognition from THE BUSINESS SHOW as the Women Business Owner of the Year. In March of 1996, Jo Ann was elected to the Pennsylvania Honor Roll of Women sponsored by the PA Department of Commerce. She served as chair of the Global Partnership with Pennsylvania in 1997 and 98.

Jo Ann’s advocacy and support of small business has led her to be appointed to a number of board positions, including First commonwealth Bank, Community Development Corporation and the Loan Review Committee of the URA of the City of Pittsburgh. Previously she served on the Advisory Council of the Small Business Administration and The Women’s Enterprise Center. In 1999, Jo Ann received recognition as one of the Top 50 Women Business Owners in Pennsylvania. In May 2000 Jo Ann R. Forrester was awarded the SBA Women in Business Advocate Award for the state of Pennsylvania. In 2001 JoAnn was instated in the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Services include the following:
Business and Strategic Plans for Growth

Blue Ribbon Profiles

Financing Strategies and Options

Cost Analysis and Management Services

Price it Perfect

Growth Management and Guidance

Stress Management for Business Owners

Consensus Building

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Law to Lipstick--Ann Martin

Episode 12

Anne Martin, Independent Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Anne left a fifteen year legal year in 1991 to start a home based business with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Her dramatic career change “from law to lipstick” was motivated by a desire for a more balanced lifestyle and the desire to positively impact other women.
When Anne became an independent sales director in 1992, this offered her an even greater opportunity to mentor and coach other beauty consultants in starting their own businesses. She has mentored and coached hundreds of women in starting their own businesses. Her unit has been recognized nationally for their sales achievements for thirteen consecutive years. Her greatest joy is giving her job away by empowering other women to promote themselves to the position of sales director within the Mary Kay organization.

During her challenging transition from the legal profession to entrepreneurship, Anne enjoyed the wonderful support of her sister business owners in the Pittsburgh chapter of NAWBO.
She served on the board from 1993 until 1995.
When she re-joined NAWBO in 2003, she served as Chairman of the Program Committee for two years and has also been a co-chair of the Make the Connection Luncheon on two occasions.
Anne also served as a lector for several years at her church, Sacred Heart and on various parent committees in her son’s schools.

In seeking to inspire, encourage and empower other women in the community, Anne has volunteered as an image consultant with the Corporate Collection – an organization that assists women in making the transition into the work force. Anne has also reached out to a group of women who are often overlooked and stigmatized – women recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.
She has served on the board of the Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery (POWER) for two consecutive terms including three years as Chairman of the Development and Public Relations Committee.
She also served on the Executive Committee as well as on the Power/ZOAR Merger Committee. She is currently working with the Development Committee on several future fundraising ventures.

Anne’s mission is to inspire women to discover their life’s purpose and uncover their inner greatness. She is working on a book From Law To Lipstick and offers presentations on career change, life makeovers, and relationship marketing.

She can be reached at (412) 422 7818 or acmmk@hotmail.com

(c) Anne Martin, 2007