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Friday, October 3, 2008

Award Winning Restauranteurs, Janet and Charles Pellegrini, Tambellini's Restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Janet and Charlie Pellegrini own and run one of the few family owned independent restaurants to survive second generation management in the City of Pittsburgh.

They are members of Lucchese nel Mondo, Pittsburgh Chapter, an organization for those of Italian descent from Lucca, Tuscany. The Mission of Lucchese nel Mondo is the promotion of the Lucca Italian subculture.

Mary Tambellini Pelligrini, Charlie’s mother was the President Emeritus on Local Board
Who has raided money to send Janet and Charlie’s son to Italy with the shortfall taken up by the Italian Government.
The Pellegrini’s have been awarded the , Silver Star for Promotion of Italian Culture in America, the Italiani nel Mondo This is an award for overseas restaurant that respects the gastronomical traditions of Italy.

Mary Tambellini Pelligrini, the original owner won awards for preservation of Italian culture from Lucchese nel Mondo.

The Tambellini/Pelligrini family also has a long tradition of supporting local charities especially the local chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Among their traditional family recipes are Zucchini Fritti and Fritti Misti which is batter dipped fried mushrooms and zucchini.

Asked about other family owned independent restaurants that did not survive, they say that independent restaurants face many challenges, not the least of which is the huge infrastructure and advertisement of large franchises. These successful independent restaurant owners feel that their asset in being independently owned is their flexibility to do innovative things. They credit this flexibility with their ability to compete with national franchised. They have instituted an on line menu with curbside delivery and a special deal to feed a family of 4 for the price of 3.

Even though they are not a franchise, they provide their clients with absolute consistency. F Tambellini’s chef has been with them for 32 years. They ascribe to and utilize Glasser/Kennedy Marketing techniques taught by Beck Gomes of Up a Notch Marketing.

Charlie and Janet Pelligrini attribute their ability to spend time on marketing to their excellent staff which means that the restaurant runs as smoothly when they are there as when they are not. Their time is spent on creating a memorable dining experience and utilizing the capacity of this wonderful iconic restaurant in the Pittsburgh cultural district.

Another innovation, is that they provide a Shop by Gift Card Showcase with free gift wrapping so that clients don’t have to worry about shopping for that birthday luncheon gift, it’s just one more way of FTambellini’s being a one stop shop for any special day.

Janet and Charlie Pelligrini
Tambellini Ristorante, Seventh Street
139 7th St
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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