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Saturday, May 31, 2008

EPISODE29 - Sue Tresatti--HP Team, Web Consultant and Unassuming Volunteer

Sue is has been actively involved in both Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and web design for charitable organizations. In addition to her IT business, Taylored Solutions, Sue is a Hewlett Packard team consultant enabling consumers to save money and time by buying direct from HP.

Susan Tresatti is one of those people who answers when you ask, "What volunteer work do you do?" says, “I am not really involved in anything.” Dig a little deeper though and you will find out that Sue has
Started a computer literacy program at the YMCA in Greensburg, PA

Offers Free computer classes at the Manor Library in Manor, Pa

Has donated time for the cystic fibrosis web page for Mr. Romance Pittsburgh at www.mrromancepittsburgh.ning.com

Mentored for Girls Going Places annual conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. where young girls 12 to 18 get a full days dose of business and entrepreneurship from seasoned business owners like Susan Tresatti

Susan has also donated her time to teach small businesses Internet Marketing

Girl Scout Leader for 3 years

Boy scout Committee member for 5 years

She also regularly donates her customer’s computers to non-profit companies when they get new ones.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much that she is not involved in much volunteer work.
Sue’s education in addition to years in the trenches as an entrepreneur, trainer and tech trouble shooter includes Bachelors from Point Park University and MBA from Seton Hill University.
She is the married mother of two children and has traveled to three foreign countries. Her businesses include the Weight Loss Patch and she is also a World Ventures Travel (travel agent) Sue’s primary business is: Taylored Solutions Inc. – Woman Business Enterprise WBE which offers technology solutions that “FIT” your business She is also part of the Hewlett Packard Pennsylvania Account Team Taylored Solutions list of services includes: Web Design; E-Learning software and Computer Support.

As Part of the Hewlett Packard PA Account Team Sue offers Discounted Pricing; Special pricing for Big Deals; help with quotes and service issues and A Team that has
been working with HP for over 20 years. She also offers the Ability to purchase
through your own” FREE” Personalized HP Web Site.

Taylored Solutions, Inc.
107 Brian Drive
Saxonburg, PA 16056
Phone: 724-234-2669
Fax: 724-234-4816

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Episode 25--Embroid Me Franchiser, Richard Stillwell, Citizens Corps and USA Freedom Corps Member

EPISODE25 - Embroid Me Franchiser, Richard Stilwell
04/16/2008 08:00 AM EDT
Episode Notes: Citizens Corps and USA Freedom Corps Member, Air Force Reserves and Energetic Entrepreneur along with many other civic activities.

Richard Stilwell, Weirton WV, was born and raised in eastern panhandle of West Virginia. During his service in the Air Force he traveled and lived in various places including Germany. After active service Richard joined the Air Force Reserves as a Flight Engineer which enabled him to do more traveling while helping out his country. He worked in various airline industries in the southern and northern CA when he decided he wanted to be closer to his home state. He then moved 20 some years ago to work for US Airways in Pittsburgh which he though would be a good place to start and raise a family. At US Air he worked as both a mechanic and Inspector, where he learned and expanded his attention to detail.

Unfortunately after 911 the airlines as well as many other industrial were greatly affected which eventually lead to his and his family’s decision to follow Richard’s life long dream to start a business. His business has enabled him to become involved in his local Rotarian club Parkway West Rotary Club which won Club of the year. Richard is involved in various activates with the rotary most notably the annual STEAK N ALE picnic and sits on the committed for the Gerry Dulac Charity Golf Classic l annual golf tournament.

Richard is also in his local Citizens Corps. For those who do not know USA Freedom Corps was established Jan 2002 following the Sept 11, 2001 tragic events. The Citizen Corps is a component of the Freedom Corps created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer stronger and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. It provides opportunities for people to participate in a range of measures to make their communities safer from threats of crime terrorism and disasters of all kinds

Lest you think that Richard is all work and no play, he has a personal passion for thoroughbred horses and horse racing. He and several friends have owned several horses in the past and currently do now. They have been very fortunate that the horses have won enough money to pay for themselves which as anyone in the horse racing business knows is wonderful if you break even and don’t lose money. As of now Richard and his group has a young horse that will be ready for training in another year. He has won in the past a national contest on the internet for Bristnet handicappers edge Bristnet.com and won a trip to Las Vegas to participate in The National Handicap Championship.

Richard and his wife own a business called Embroid Me which is part of a franchise with of over 400 stores world wide. The business deals in retail embroidery, screen printing and promotional products. Richard had always wanted to own his own business but not sure what kind and after some research decided that EmbroidMe was something that would be a good fit. He finds it constantly stimulating due to the large variety of items that the Embroid Me Store offers. Richard’s attention to detail learned in his prior field in the repair and inspection of airplanes has crossed over into his attention and detail of his business Embroid Me.
Richard is keeps current with innovations in the embroidery business. This had lead to his numerous updates to computer artwork and process of digitizing into “stitch file “making a more rapid turn around time for customers.

The two most common things Richard hears from his customers is that they did not know there was a place that can do what his business does and that it was done so quickly.

Embroid Me caters to both large and small businesses as well as schools and any organization that needs anything from embroidery to t-shirts to school athletic uniforms. Embroid Me helps companies and organizations with branding by excellent logo work. . This is also a very cost effective way for companies to advertise by putting their company logo on apparel to increase their company or organization visibility. . One Embroid Me customer has his company logo put on stuffed animals for anyone in his company who has a birth of a new baby. What a way to advertise!!!!

Embroid Me has a machine called a garment printer making it easy to produce a small number of t-shirts or even one. This makes embroidery an excellent choice over screen printing. There are no minimums to order like some other embroidery companies. Embroid Me specializes in custom embroidery items. For those who do not understand it means one of a kind item designed by the customer that you will not find in some store along with numerous others of the same type..

Richard prides himself in creating unique items for his customers. One repeat customer has had EmbroidMe make a unique retirement gift which also is a collector’s item. This particular company has gone thru different ownerships over the years and what EmbroidMe has done is take each logo the company has used and put it on a piecie of cloth. The company then takes it and has it professional framed. After the 1st one was done it became such a big hit that the company keeps coming back for more for each new retiree. Richard has designed one of a kind tire covers for jeep tires. Sure customers can order one from the company that made their vehicle but they want something uniquely their own. Customers know there is a premium price for some of these items, but they know they are getting a premium custom made item they designed for someone special or for themselves which they will have and cherish for years to come. People love to come into the store and design their own logos and with the artwork capabilities Richard has it makes it easier and faster to find a fit for each individual group or event.

Richard’s Parkway Rotary Club’s signature annual charity, Gerry Dulac Golf Classic outing is at Diamond Run Golf course on July 21, 2007. You can get tickets from any Parkway West Rotary Club member, or e-mail Richard or, stop by the Embroid Me store in Robinson Township, Pa. and Richard has a form for you to register. All proceeds are donated to charity.

You can listen to the archived version of Episode 25 at: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/tscmd/tc/33431

Richard Stilwell
Embroid Me
6538 Steubenville Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15205