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Mission Statement

Professionals with Impact is a show about
professionals that don't just have a job or
business in the market place but a mission
in life to make the world better whether it be
just their own back yard or for international
impact. On a "need to know" basis, everyone needs to
know when an outstanding individual stretches
to create a resource that enhances their
environment or the lives of others.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Testimonial for Professionals with Impact Show

Hi Joanne,
I just had to write to you and thank you for the time and energy you put
into your podcasts. I just finished listening to several in the last few
days and loved them all! My husband bought me a new ipod for Christmas
and I've been listening in the car and now I am listening to one as I
type this. What a wealth of wonderful info. I can't wait to listen to
more of them. There are so many helpful hints and inspiring stories. I
listened to the interview with Beth Caldwell (who I love...she's such a
nice person) and the Gossip Lady today. I think that the first one I
listened to was: Ann Martin Lipstick to Law (since I am an MK
consultant). I also listened to the one with Becky Gomes and rsvped to
her marketing meeting. I'm very excited about attending at the end of
February. So many exciting things going on in Pittsburgh. With three
small children I haven't been able to attend the marketing and
networking events but I would love to get involved eventually with them.
Thank you for contributing such a wonderful Podcast for Pittsburgh
Business Owners. It's so cool that your guests are willing to share and
help others. I'm very impressed and can't wait to be involved with this
great group of Pittsburghers. Thanks again!

Have a great weekend.

Wendy Cibula

Host note:

Wendy is the owner of a wonderful Mexican Restaurant in Pittsburgh Area.
Wendy and John Cibula
Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant
2313 Rochester Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

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