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Professionals with Impact is a show about
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Professionals with Impact Interviewee sends out Law of Attraction, "Peace" Message

From Beth Caldwell, PittsburghProfessionalWomen.com

Hi Everyone,I have just finished up a 3 day retreat and I noticed something. Inmany of the windows I was browsing I saw signs for PEACE.I remembered a quote used in The Secret about Mother Theresa saying she would never attend a war protest, but she would be happy to attend a rally for peace.

I have been thinking a lot about all of the families devastated andseparated by this war. We visited the cemetery last week, and I was humbled by the number of soldiers graves there. What would happen if we all began to think about peace instead of war? If you believe in the power of positive thought, then you know what I am talking about. If you don't believe in positive thinking, then what can this hurt?

I have created a PDF for PEACE. Please print it out and hang it in thewindows of your home and office. Every person that sees it will think"Peace" if only for a momentWhat may happen? Please download the attached PDF and hang it in your window at home and at the office.Pass it on to your families, friends, and all businesses that you knowof.

Wishing you Peaceful Holidays,

Beth Caldwellwww.PositiveMoms. com412-875-5336

Find "Peace" PDF at: http://www.mediafire.com/?1nqoxm0ddrd

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Janet W. Christy, Author of "Capitalizaing on Being Women Owned"

Listen to a “Steel Magnolia” talk about
“Capitalizing on Being Women Owned”
Entrepreneur, Author and Crusader for MWBE’s and WBE’s

Janet W Christy Bio

Janet W. Christy is the founder and President of Leverage & Development, LLC, a consulting firm that helps Women and Minority owned businesses use their status to their advantage. The firm’s services include marketing research and planning, certification assistance, sales guidance, and assistance in government bidding.

Janet also works with government entities and non-profits in the development of programs for entrepreneurs and W/MBEs (Woman/Minority Business Enterprises). The firm’s services include feasibility studies, marketing research, grant writing, and operational plan development.

Janet is the author of Capitalizing On Being Woman Owned, a marketing guide for Woman Owned Businesses. This book was released in September 2006. She also offers workshops for W/MBEs to help them leverage their ownership status for marketing advantage.

Janet W. Christy
Leverage & Development, LLC
507 Bluebird Lane
Greer, SC 29650

The Interview and Topics Covered

This is a great time to be a Woman Owned Business
Generally, why is this such a good time to be a Woman Owned Business
What is the Federal Government doing to promote the use of Woman Owned Businesses?
How do State Governments encourage the use of Woman Owned Businesses?
Why is the success of Woman Owned Businesses important to cities and counties?
How do commercial enterprises address the use of Woman Owned Businesses?
Should Woman Owned Businesses market themselves directly to prospects or is it better for them to be subcontractors?
Why should a Woman Owned Business consider partnering with other businesses?
Is there grant money for women to start or run businesses? (Also makes a good opening question)

Second Topic
What is certification?
What are the general requirements to be certified?
How does certification benefit Woman Owned Businesses?
Which certification is best for a Woman Owned Business?
Once a business is certified as Woman Owned, do they just wait for the phone to ring?

Janet Christy Bio

Janet Christy has spent the majority of her professional career in marketing, sales and public relations positions. She has also worked on several economic development and technology initiatives in the Southeast.

In 2003 Janet formed Leverage & Development, LLC, a consulting firm focused on helping Small and Woman/Minority Owned businesses and government/education entities. The firm has several service offerings that assist businesses and governments in evaluating their assets and then developing plans to improve them and/or use them to accomplish specific goals.

In 2006 Career Press (Franklin NJ) published Janet’s book Capitalizing On Being Woman Owned. Janet has also written articles for several magazines and blogs including “Home Business Magazine.” She has made more than 30 radio appearance to discuss the advantages and opportunities for woman owned businesses. Janet has been named as part of the “Brain Trust” for the Small Business Advocate (http://www.smallbusinessadvocate.com/) and has been appointed to the Board of Business Credit Success (http://www.businesscreditsuccess/). She continues to speak and conduct workshops related to Women and Minority Owned Businesses.

“One of my main goals in life is to help women understand that they have choices in life. Helping them be successful in their business choices is one of the ways I can do this,” says Janet. That is why she often speaks to women’s groups and mentors other women.

Janet has worked on both sides of the procurement process. Her experience includes both preparing RFPs (Request for Proposal) and RFIs (Request for Information) and responding to them. She currently works as a consultant for Small and Woman/Minority Owned Businesses to aid them in responding to RFPs. She also assists government and education entities in the development of RFPs and the evaluation of responses. Janet’s firm, Leverage & Development, LLC offers a workshop to help businesses understand the culture behind government purchasing, the workshop is titled “I Want A Government Contract – I Think.”

Before becoming a Consultant and Author, Janet spent more than 25 years in the telecommunications industry. In late 1999, Janet, along with several partners, formulated, raised angel and bank financing, and implemented the business plan for a telecommunications company specializing in back-office and consulting services for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Virtual ISPs and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). The group launched the telecommunications company and within less than a year sold the ISP portion to a publicly traded company. Janet served as Executive Vice President for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

PWI Interviewee, Beth Caldwell Offers Free Networking in Pittsburgh

PWI Guest, Beth Caldwell's Pittsburgh Professional Women Offers Mostly Free Networking
"Professionals with Impact." Beth is a single mom with great website to help home-based mom businesses: www.PositiveMoms.com; watch for Beth's new site: www.PittsburghProfessionalWomen.com

Beth is a former guest on "Positively Pittsburgh Live," "Techno Granny." and "Professionals with Impact". Listen to Beth's interview on PWI at:
You can listen to Beth's extensive community involvement and also hear about her current businesses and many wonderful words of wisdom for women entrepreneurs, home based mom businesses and professional women.

Beth has a passion for helping women entrepreneurs and business professionals and also a great on line networking site: pittsburghwomensnetworking@yahoo.com with over 400 women participants.

Below is a release on Beth's newest business venture, Pittsburgh Professional Women:

Pittsburgh Professional Women is an online resource for business women in Western PA. The mission is to educate and empower women in business. PPW events are held North, South, East and West, and most are free.

Here are our events for December, please attend the events of your choice, and feel free to share this with other business women. Watch for the new website announcement coming soon.

Beth Caldwell412-875-5336Oakmont,

Wednesday, December 5th at 6pm.Women and Wealth,

a free educational program for professional women, small business owners, executive women, retired and divorced women who wish to become financially empowered. Presented by Pittsburgh Professional Women. Speaker: Lori Brinker, CFP.
Topic: Your Investments Can Reflect Your Values.
Meeting begins at 6pm at the Oakmont Public Library, lower level in the Red Oak Room. 700 Allegheny River Blvd. Oakmont, PA 15139, followed by informal networking at a local restaurant.
Please RSVP to 724-339-5312.

Greentree, Thursday, December 6thHoliday Open House benefiting Dress For Success Pittsburgh. 4pm-6pm.

Presented by Pittsburgh Professional Women. Join us for an open house from at:

Regus Executive Suites, Foster Plaza 5, 651 Holiday Drive, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15220. Food and meeting space compliments of Regus.
Admission is free as long as you bring a donation for Dress For Success.
For a wish list, please email bethcaldwell@comcast.net. RSVP to 412-928-3227.

Monroeville, Friday, December 14th at 11:30am Women in Leadership Luncheon Speaker Dr. Nancy Mramor.

This lunch is presented by the Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce and Pittsburgh Professional Women.
Open to all businesswomen. Cost $20.
Location: Tolerico's Restaurant, 2525 Monroeville Blvd, behind Monroeville Mall. .
RSVP in advance to 856-0622. __._,_.___

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Two-fer: Rebecca Lamperski, author of "Full Bloom" and Shawne Duperon of Shawne TV

Rebecca Lamperski, Author of Full Bloom, recent interviewee on "Positively Pittsburgh Live" used lessons that she had learned at National Associaiton of Women Business Owners lst Annual NAWBO Day during Shawne Duperon's seminar on Media Relations to generate publicity for another of her organizations, National Speaker's Association.

Reprinted from "ShawneTV Guide," a free ezinethat generates amazing news stories andconversations. Subscribe at www.shawnetv.com.© Copyright 2007 by Shawne Duperon, ShawneTV Inc.ShawneTV29558 English WayNovi, MI48377US

Lessons Learned from an Association

Rebecca Lamperski of Full Bloom, is a growthexpert. She created some pretty amazing coveragefor her local National Speakers Association inPittsburgh, under the most unusual circumstances.She was a live guest on KDKA after pitching aspeak-a-thon for the radio. Yep, that's right,the radio! Rarely will you see TV coverage for aradio event.

Here's how she did it:"The success really came when I adjusted theannouncement into an external press release tosend to the local broadcast stations, radiostations and newspapers.""Taking what I had learned from Shawne, I neededa hook - a statistic or an interesting fact totie-into. With a simple search of the internet,I found a new study about how much women talkcompared to men. I added that tie-in to my pressrelease, and it was magic!""We received a call from the local broadcaststation for an interview on their morning show -and they specifically indicated they wanted me totalk about how much women and men talk. That'show I knew it was the press release that worked!"Great job, Rebecca.

Here's the link to her interview.