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Professionals with Impact is a show about
professionals that don't just have a job or
business in the market place but a mission
in life to make the world better whether it be
just their own back yard or for international
impact. On a "need to know" basis, everyone needs to
know when an outstanding individual stretches
to create a resource that enhances their
environment or the lives of others.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Women Leading this World

More women leading this world

You just received this mail because the person who sent it to you, values your opinion and vision for the future.

If an African American President can be elected in the US, then the question should be asked, how different can the world be if women globlly unite to reinvent the world economy from the ground up?

How can women gain more power and have their voices heard?

Women from all over the globe have been using Connected-Women.com to exchange views about the economic turbulence and uncertainty. Through the connected-wom en information forums, women have been sharing their insights and giving support. You are welcome to join the discussions, just click here!

Here are some questions for a thought.

Would you like to empower women to believe in themselves and let their voice be heard?
Would you like to send proactive and positive thoughts to women around the world?

What are you willing to do to contribute to our solutions in the world economy?
If your answer is YES or you have strong feelings about this information!

Please write your name on the bottom of the signatures, forward this e-mail to the people in your network.

Let's work together to make this world the place we want to live in!

1) Runa Magnusdottir – Iceland
2) Michelle Bonn – USA
3) Mary Schnack – USA
4) Lorin Beller Blake – USA
5) Heidi Ă–ste – Sweden
6) Miriam Macherin, Luxemburg
7) Fazila Sciberras, Netherlands
8) Debbie Ducic, USA
9) Britta Linnemann, Germany
10) ElkeWunderlich, USA
11) Joanne Quinn-Smith, USA

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