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Professionals with Impact is a show about
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business in the market place but a mission
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Becky Gomes, Nakama Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar and Up a Notch Marketing

Becky Gomes
Speaker / Expert Marketer / Award Winning Restaurant Owner
Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Sale Professionals

Becky Gomes has been studying sales and marketing since 1981. Becky has now taken her 25 plus years of experience in sales and marketing and now teaches business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs her unique direct response marketing techniques as well as taking on personal clients, and running local monthly chapter meetings through her marketing company, Up A Notch Marketing. In addition, Becky runs local mastermind groups that focus directly ON the entrepreneurs businesses with astounding results!
“I felt it was time for a change so I joined Up a Notch Marketing and Becky’s MasterMind Group. It is a breath of fresh air! There is so much support and creative ideas going around it’s hard not to catch the excitement. I don’t think there is a better way to skyrocket your business or career.

My recent goal was to acquire two more insurance agencies. With Becky’s help & the members of the mastermind group, we re-designed my sales letter. I currently have twelve people asking me to take over their agencies. This never would have been possible without me being a member of the mastermind group”.
Joe Griffin, Griffin Insurance Group, Zelienople PA

“Even though you have a superior product and a far better way of doing business, customers will not beat a path to your door unless they know about you. That’s why marketing is so important to any business, especially one that begins from dead start. I was first exposed to Dan Kennedy in the early 90’s. His stuff always made sense, but that is even truer in today’s competitive markets. The only thing that was missing was a local connection to bounce ideas off.

That is why I jumped at the chance to join Becky’s Up A Notch Marketing Pittsburgh Chapter and then her Mastermind Group. I get tremendous value from both. There is no place else you can get ideas and support from successful like-minded people. The Mastermind Group gives you the perspective of six new “sets of eyes”. The viewpoint and constructive critique of people who are not in the home improvement business is critical in developing marketing tools that work in today’s every changing market. We are looking to grow our business by more than 50% over the next year, and I know that my participation in this group and applying the “Kennedy-style” marketing techniques that Becky teaches will go a long way in helping us achieve this goal.”
Steve Rennekamp, Energyswing Windows, Murrysville PA

“When I first attended a local chapter meeting for Up A Notch Marketing, I felt like I had found my marketing and professional home! Finally a group of people that did not think that I was nuts! The chapter meetings started me on the path of true understanding of how my hats (businesses) were not really different! At the second meeting I was able to present about my nutrition business and the whole group was very methodical in helping me apply my marketing ideas! What a remarkable ROI (return on investment) for me!

Then when Becky offered the Master Mind Coaching I just had to make the commitment of time and energy as I want to achieve my lofty goal of changing my husband from practicing medicine to marketing information about medicine.

The first Master Mind session literally stopped me from multi-tasking as this kept me from attaining intermediate goals. The rest of the sessions have been absolutely phenomenal in keeping me on track and developing new ideas on what can work in both businesses.

The group is very helpful and demanding like they should be. I highly recommend anyone to become a member of Becky’s Master Mind Coaching group to take your business up a notch!”
Sunita Pandit, Reliv4u2, Gibsonia Pa

“When I started attending the chapter meetings in August 2007 our sales were around $5,000 a month. My partner wasn’t all that concerned about my spending thirty dollars a month to attend the chapter meetings. However, when I approached him with the idea of joining the Mastermind Group for over $3,000 a year so that I could improve my marketing skills, he was very skeptical. That was a major investment for us and one that didn’t have any guarantee of a return.

Why would I want to join a Mastermind Group? In all of the best business oriented books that I have read a common theme is that you should find a mentor. In the mastermind group I have seven. For one half day a month I get the attention of like-minded people who are actively trying to improve the marketing of their businesses.

Our projected ongoing sales since joining Becky’s Mastermind Group are up 120%, and we are planning to be at 400% by year’s end. That will be an ROI of about 600%.

A 600% return on investment by itself is good enough in my book to say that Mastermind paid off, if that was all that there was to it. When you add in all of the other goodies that I have picked up from Mastermind, it is fair to say that I am a huge fan and supporter of the group.”
Gregg Mathis, SLFF Ventures LLC, Pittsburgh PA

About Becky Gomes
Becky has been studying direct response marketing and techniques since 1981. Becky is a Certified Business Advisor in the Pittsburgh area and has found her passion as she teaches other “like-minded” individuals how to apply and utilize direct marketing techniques to skyrocket their business, product or services through her local chapter meetings and mastermind groups. Becky was named as a Fast Tracker by Pittsburgh Business Times. Becky has also been a featured speaker for many local organizations. Although Becky has limited time she does take on select personal clients.

Becky is President of the independently owned award winning restaurant, Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar. Since opening in 2003, Nakama has garnered over 49 people’s Choice Awards and is a multi-million dollar business. It is consistently rated as one of the top places to eat in Pittsburgh.

Another of Becky’s passions is volunteering at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Western Pennsylvania since 1997 when her daughter, Katie, was born with this fatal, genetic disease. She has been awarded “Volunteer of the Year” and is chairperson of three events yearly. She currently serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for Cystic Fibrosis, is a member of the Volunteer Leadership Initiative of Cystic Fibrosis; a member of the Cure Finder Cystic Fibrosis Team; as well as a member on the Family Advisory Board to the CF doctors.

Contact Becky Gomes
Call: 412.369.9994
Email: becky@upanotchmarketing.com

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Professionals with Impact--Lorin Beller Blake, Author--"From Entrepreneur to Big Fish"

Lorin Beller Blake
Speaker / Writer / Inspirer
Audience: Female Business Owners and Leaders

“I hope you don’t mind if I brag. Thank you Lorin and Big Fish Nation for giving me the motivation to go after the BIG ONE! The contract term is for 2 years with 3 one year options and is worth an estimated $9,000,000.00!” – Robin B., Entrepreneur, Bolton, Connecticut

“I have been very successful in sales but the Big Fish Coaching helped me work more effectively toward creating a vision for my business. I wanted a business with a great culture. Staff, clients and vendors who can’t imagine working for anyone else. The skills I have learned have impacted my business thus enhancing my life.” -Elissa N., Entrepreneur, Tampa, Florida

“I was a ‘Wall Street Corporate Exec’ until 9/11. After that I realized I wanted more out of life so I launched my own business. In the first year I found Big Fish. Using their program as my ‘business blue print’ I was able to make my vision a reality. Thanks to Lorin Beller, I am living my dream.” - Kelly L., Entrepreneur, Spring Lake, New Jersey

Lorin Beller Blake is the founder of Big Fish Nation, a year-long business development program that leads entrepreneurs toward maximizing their lives and business goals using a unique combination of teleclasses and one-on-one coaching delivered by highly trained business coaches. As a Big Fish herself, Lorin understands the importance of a balanced well-being in order to have a big impact in the world. Author of From Entrepreneur to Big Fish: 7 Principles to Wild Success, Blake encourages readers to integrate hard core business skills with spiritual principles to break through that glass ceiling. Big Fish Nation recently established a media relationship with Pink Magazine you will find us online, in their magazine and in their eblasts as supporters of PINK Magazine, who works to empower women to be a success.

Like many of the Big Fish she works with, Lorin was ready to stop working for someone else, and make life work for her. She left the corporate world to pursue her dream of coaching fellow-entrepreneurs toward redefining their visions so they too can make a “big splash” in their lives and businesses. Lorin formed Big Fish Nation in 2004 and since then Lorin has been fulfilling her dream—sharing her Big Fish principals with thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide through her innovative program which as been promoted nationally as ‘a Zen approach to business.’

Topics Lorin has expertise in are:
• 7 Principles to Wild Success
• How to use a Vision to create Success
• Goal Setting – using a one page plan for an entire year!
• Sales and Marketing: doing it daily successfully!
• The Age of the Woman: Creating Balance and Success.
• The power of Choice. The Power of Responsibility.
• Live Fully but first, Boldly Act.
• How healthy are you? Look at your business.
• Success is found in a Paradox.

* * * * * * * *

About Lorin Beller Blake
Blake entered the professional world a spirited entrepreneur in the health and wellness field working as a stress management and goal setting trainer, and counselor. As a business-savvy industrialist, Lorin successfully co-founded and developed Global 2000, one of the first local internet service providers in the country. She later sold the company and stayed on in the new company, BiznessOnline, as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. There she played a major role in advancing the company by acquiring and integrating more than 13 companies in over two years while working on the team to take the entity public.

Big Fish Nation and Lorin Beller have been nationally recognized by Investor’s Business Daily and was named one of the Top 30 Female Executives of 2004 by Female Entrepreneur Magazine. She has also been a featured speaker for Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI), the Internationally known Young Entrepreneur Organization (YEO), Canada’s Women in Business National Expo and she is a co-host on the Kathryn Zox Radio show on Voice America weekly.

Contact Lorin Beller Blake:
Call: 512.266.2196
Email: Lorin@bigfishnation.com

For more information see:
Book: From Entrepreneur to Big Fish: 7 Principles to Wild Success