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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weston Lyon--King of the Functional Fitness Jungle

My very first guest was Weston Lyon whom I met when he was a guest speaker with the National Associaiton of Women Business Owners in Pittsburgh and created quite a stir on the front of our website swinging through the trees without his shirt on. Weston actually specializes in helping busy business women keep in shape.
This is Weston's profile in his own words.

Forget the Excuses! It’s Time for YOU to Achieve the Results You’re Looking for. It’s Time for YOU to Become Healthy, Fit, & Sexy! Weston Lyon’s Functional Fitness Programs Are the Answer.

On Weston's Website: you’ll find the answers you’ve been looking for to help you achieve the healthy, fit, & sexy body you’ve always dreamed of having.
As you look around my information filled website you’ll know why people call me the King of the Functional Fitness Jungle. However, unlike most KING’s I’m here to serve YOU. I’m not here for you to serve me. My goal is to help YOU achieve your health & fitness goals by giving you results oriented information that is simple, effective, and efficient.
There are several tools to help you on your journey to becoming healthy, fit, and sexy that I want you to know about.
1. I send out FREE Functional Fitness Tips several times a week. These tips are jam packed with valuable information (usually in storybook form so they’re easy to read). Information like how to burn fat fast, how to build functional muscle, and how to increase your strength, flexibility, & endurance simultaneously.
I encourage you to use this tool by signing up either at the TOP RIGHT part of this screen or the BOTTOM MIDDLE part of this screen. Yes, I’ve placed it in two different places. Why? Simply because it’s that important.
And to show you just how important it is if you sign up NOW I’ll even throw in my NEW Confidential Special Report 17 Mistakes to Avoid “Like the Plague” If You Want to Look Healthy, Fit, & Sexy Every Day of Your Life absolutely FREE. These Functional Fitness Tips will, without a doubt, change your life.
2. I also publish a BLOG called The Lyon’s Roar. This BLOG contains my uncensored opinions and like my fitness tips is filled with valuable information to help you on your journey to becoming healthy, fit, & sexy. You can take a sneak peek at this BLOG by scrolling down the page and looking for The Lyon’s Roar.
3. The last tool I have for you to take advantage of I’ve bundled together for simplicity. This tool consists of my products and services. If you’re interested in taking a deeper look into my services check out www.functionalfitnesscoach.com
For a list of my products scroll down to check them out or simply click on Products on the top bar and this will allow you to see The KING’s Treasure Room.
A couple of things I want you to know from my heart. I will not lie to you. I will tell you the facts as I see them. It’s easy for people who don’t care to soft serve you information or lie to you. I do care. I’m here to serve you. Are you up for the challenge? If so, welcome aboard. Also, make sure you bookmark this page because I will be constantly updating it with new material, new products, and new stories from successful clients.
I look forward to helping you and serving you in anyway I can…let's rock!
PS – If you want to change something in your life, you gotta change something in your life. Don’t delay or procrastinate – take MASSIVE ACTION NOW!!! Life is yours for the taking, don’t miss out.

The Lyon’s Roar
The Lyon’s Roar is the KING’s Uncensored BLOG, where Weston Lyon spills his guts to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Today there are a lot of people putting up BLOG’s, but none like this one. The Lyon’s Roar is a place where you can come to be touched, motivated, and inspired so you too can achieve a healthy, fit, & sexy body. Let the KING serve YOU…
Sneak Peek at the KING’s BLOG:

Scooby Doo and Dancing

This past Saturday I took my son, Haven, to see Scooby Doo Live at the Benedum (a Pittsburgh Theater). It was AWESOME! You should've seen his face when Scooby Doo came on stage riding a scooter (to give the gliding effect). It was priceless. And the rest of the kids in the audience went bonkers too. It was a mad house...but a lot of fun. The play lasted about 90 minutes with a break in the middle. And the actors/actresses were all over the place for the entire play. They were singing and dancing and running around. What a great workout! Do you like to sing and dance? ...click for more
(c) Weston Lyon, King of the Functional Fitness Jungle

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