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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Professionals with Impact Interview 8/16/2007 Carol Carmichael of Carol's Restaurant; Historic West End

08/16/2007 Professionals with Impact Interview
Carol Carmichael of Carol's Restaurant
Historic West End, Temperanceville, Pittsburgh, Pa.

The historic West End also known as Temperanceville is revitalizing and at the core of that with many innovative ideas is Carol Carmichael of Carol’s Restaurant and Hometown Sports Deli. Carol is a die-hard Steeler’s Fan and her local color restaurant’s walls are decked with Sports Memorabilia from Steeler’s history. Walking in to Carol’s fifty occupancy restaurant is like walking in to grandma’s kitchen or your best friend’s sports den.

Energy, personality, a genuine concern for her guests automatically emanates from Carol. It’s so easy to discern that she has a love for the West End of Pittsburgh and all of the organizations that comprise it and she has a heart for those less fortunate who are right in her back yard. Carol is dedicated to the revitalization of the West End as a viable local community.

Keeping with the theme of the movie line, “If you build it they will come," Carol has invented the Man Sandwich and the West End Club. These sandwiches are literally two-fers. They are large enough to satisfy a quarter back or a line backer and average size eaters will take home half for the next day. Each sandwich has two to two and a half pounds of ingredient and takes up a large plate. Carol’s dream is for some of the Steeler’s to lumber in and sample her hearty fare.

A local Pittsburgh tour guide told me that it’s a rite of passage for locals to bring their out of town relatives and newbies to Carol’s for one of her famous ginormous sandwiches just so that they can see the look on the surprised novice at Carol’s Restaurant.

Carol is open from 7 AM to 3 PM but is always eager to offer her restaurant in the evenings to be used for fundraisers and parties for her local clients and community organizations. She has opened for spaghetti dinner and hoagie fundraisers for many local organizations.
You have not lived in Pittsburgh really until you have rode the incline, quacked like a duck on our local “Just Ducky” tour and eaten one of the famous man-size two pound sandwiches at Carol’s. You may also want to check out Carol’s homemade soup and her homemade meatloaf and chicken parmesan

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