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Professionals with Impact is a show about
professionals that don't just have a job or
business in the market place but a mission
in life to make the world better whether it be
just their own back yard or for international
impact. On a "need to know" basis, everyone needs to
know when an outstanding individual stretches
to create a resource that enhances their
environment or the lives of others.

Monday, August 17, 2009

M.A Sinnhuber, Local Pittsburgh Artist, Art Hats


With four children, three steps plus three, and 20 grandchildren, only one of whom lives in Pittsburgh, I have the time to run three small businesses, art by M.A., artbyma-Kidspaint and ArtHats by M.A. I could not do any of this without the help of my wise husband, Barry, to whom I have been married for nearly seven years.

My children and grandchildren live in Oregon, California, eastern Pennsylvania, Alaska, Arizona, New York and Boston.

At Artbyma-Kidspaint, I ‘teach kids 6-96 how to stand at an easel and paint,’ a program I love very much because it permits me to be around students my grandchildren’s age and to share my art insights with them.

My newest business endeavor, ArtHats by M.A., is inspired by artwork I have created or studied…think Van Gogh, Bonnard, Milton Avery, David Hockney, all artists with a rich, diverse color palette. A colorist myself, ArtHats are hand-knitted by me, just for the fun, experience and combinations of color.

I paint and knit and enjoy life. Barry and I live happily in a carefree condo on the main street in Mt. Lebanon, where my art studio is a six-minute walk away.

Having studied at numerous universities and with numerous artists, quilters, printmakers, I am now an apprentice poet and have wonderful friends and family. Life is prayerfully important to me and remember, Love Cannot Be Forgotten.


Jill said...

M.A. Is an amazing artist, woman, and spirit. I have had the good fortune to know her for many years, and also have her art displayed in my home, and for sale in my store (which sits directly across from her studio), Discover Organizing. What a blessing we have with M.A. In our midst!

Joanne Quinn-Smith said...

Thanks so much for commenting, M. A. is in an adult class that I teach and has such wonderful energy and is obviously extremely talented. I really do like to hi-light local entrepreneurs and artists when I get a chance. Thanks again.