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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Professionals with Impact, Domestic Violence Survivor, Advocate, Fundraiser



Part of healing from domestic violence is to be able to move on and be healthy. Amelia Williams has run the gamut of domestic violence survivor to advocate and fundraiser. She now uses her talents as a public speaker to create awareness of domestic violence abuse and her talent as an artist with commemorative jewelry for domestic violence awareness. She offers part of the proceeds from this custom designed jewelry to support Domestic Violence Awareness and Support Groups. She is the owner of Jewelry Art by Amelia.

Jewelry Artist | Wardrobe and Make-up Consultant | Originator of the Ring of Hope Campaign | Advocate for Survivors of Domestic Violence | Public Speaker

With a flair for the eccentric and a natural tendency towards higher creative expression, Amelia Williams has fashioned a career around fashion. As a wardrobe consultant with a critical eye for colors, patterns and suitable accessories, she assists men in transitioning from wearing only traditional black-brown-gray to adding a few colorful pieces that successfully accentuate their character and business savvy. Likewise, Amelia helps women (re)define their fashion personality by harmonizing essential wardrobe items with shoes, purses, jewelry and make-up that adequately reflect their individuality. 

An influential trip to Venice Beach, California in 1999 inspired Amelia to add jewelry making to her professional repertoire. Initially crafting unconventional pieces solely for family and friends, word quickly spread of her innovative approach. Jewelry Art by Amelia was launched in 2009 with the motto that “no rules need apply in jewelry design, and no pattern or style is ever obsolete.” Amelia’s line blurs the boundaries of jewelry and art with mood, attitude and emotion. Her pieces are sold exclusively through private exhibits, personalized appointments and office presentations. 

Amelia also has 10 years of experience in business administration, sales and marketing in both corporate and nonprofit environments, including with General Nutrition, Carnegie-Mellon University, Macy’s and Hallmark Cards. Her skill-set includes event planning, budget preparation, process improvement consulting and creating presentations, as well as retail sales, visual merchandising and photography. 

In 2010, Amelia founded the “Ring of Hope” Campaign™, which supports survivors of domestic violence. A 19-year victim of childhood domestic violence herself, Amelia created a symbolic Austrian crystal “Ring of Hope” jewelry collection to raise funds and awareness of this national epidemic. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the ring benefits nonprofits that help survivors. The campaign has received coverage in the Washington County Business Journal and Pittsburgh media, including McKeesport Daily News, Northside Chronicle, and PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com. Amelia is available to speak on domestic violence awareness at rotary clubs, schools, and for special events. She is a member of Women’s Power Lunch, Pittsburgh Professional Women, Washington County Chamber of Commerce, and PositivePittburghers.com.


Amelia spent 20 years of my childhood life as a domestic violence victim.

At the age of 12, her neighbor said something to her about all the noise,  screaming, hollering, & pounding he heard from next door.

Amelia thought the abuse was normal until a friend stayed at her house and witnessed the situation.

As an ACOA (Adult Child of Alcoholics), she was an overachiever,
perfectionist and portrayed a normal image to the outside world.
She packed a few bags and finally ran away from home at the age of 19 after a violent incident.


Amelia is  a public speaker and domestic violence advocate who can personally attest to the dynamics of Domestic Violence and its impact on personal identity.

She offers  a true to life perspective on domestic violence.  Her triumph as a survivor, and her journey launching the "Ring of Hope" Campaign is a testament to this.

She is  now a new woman with a hope and a future which she wants to share with others through donating to organizations which support domestic violence awareness.

Those living with domestic violence should know that they no longer need to be victims and can transform themselves to reach dreams they never thought imaginable.

Jewelry Art by Amelia, Coordinator
"Ring of Hope" Campaign

Support Domestic Violence Awareness!

Member of Women's Power Lunch www.womenspowerlunch.com/

Member of Pittsburgh Professional Women www.pittsburghprofessionalwomen.net

Member of Washington County Chamber of Commerce www.washcochamber.com

Member of Zipcar.com: Used for all Jewelry Art by Amelia business travel

Authorized Retailer for Wendell August Forge and Little Earth Productions

Kara Vita and Celazome Clinical Skincare Consultant

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